All about Upmarket Fiction


Whenever editors and agents discuss about upmarket fiction, take note that they are referring to the books that appeal to numerous audiences. These are books that have the best writing quality with a story that attracts the mainstream market.

While a lot of books that are in different genre are written well, and may be thought as part of the commercial ones, they are not normally considered to be upmarket. But, you would see a lot of agents asking for the upmarket thrillers, upmarket crime, and upmarket fiction on women, as well as other categories that may be considered. A single agent’s submissions guidelines asked for fiction that can straddle the boundary between commercial and literary. Most people think that this is the best explanation of what upmarket is.

There are 3 kinds of fiction, these are as follows: upmarket, literary, and commercial.

The commercial fiction consists of all genres. It pays attention in providing entertainment. The literary fiction, however, strives to make a sensible human condition, its main focus in the language. The commercial fiction can be read quicker than the literary fictions. The commercial fiction typically has a firmer plot element. The literary fiction tends to be more focused on the writing quality over the plot factors. The commercial fiction is a lot easier to sell and attracts a much wider audiences. The literary fiction is more difficult to sell because only appeals few audiences, click here to know more!

The upmarket fiction holds something in between the two. The upmarket fiction consists of both good writing quality and a type of story that attracts a lot of audiences. Its genre combines or bends other genres. It is fresh, new and sells very well. To know more about upmarket fiction, you may also check

I always advice my clients, whether literary or commercial, to shoot for upmarket fiction section too. if they happen to be writing for a commercial genre, and they pay more attention to the language and human condition, it is best to float on the top of this category.

Few years ago, a novice romance author published a book and topped on Amazon. The author was not even sure if she is really writing a romance book. But the important thing is, she wrote a very good story and it has an excellent writing quality. Now, the author was awarded because of that.

Writing fiction is an easy task. In fact, it requires a lot of writing skills, effort, and time. But, if you just know where to focus and how to put interest into your audiences, your book would surely be sold out, go here to know more!


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