Upmarket Fiction as a Combination of Commercial and Literary Fiction in the Contemporary Writing Industry


Even though it may sound insulting in some circles across the world today, it is trifling in the present day entertainment world and therefore not worth the term literature to some people. Literary on the other side leads to a half-stifled yawn and if often considered as highly pretentious which leaves most people asking whether a given writers work can be both commercial and literary. It is at this point of view and thinking that one can understand what upmarket fiction is bearing in mind that it is a combination of commercial and literary fiction.

Most people who have been in the contemporary publishing industry can attest to the fact that there are huge distinctions that still exist between commercial and literary fiction even after the evolvements that have taken place over time. While the blurriness in their differences have not changed, it is now more evident that there is a considerable grey area which has led to the development of the upmarket fiction which is gaining immense prominence and popularity in the market today. Get more info at this website here!

Commercial fiction

The genre fiction is commonly lumped in with the commercial invention as the two operate with the same golden rule of putting the reader as a priority. The message in the story is usually tied to the protagonist’s journey as well as the plot which in the end allows the readers to absorb the message and theme readily as the events unfold along the way. Commercial fiction is, therefore, plot-driven and presents the protagonist as a character pursuing a goal and overcoming a challenge in some situations and comes with adequate action scenes, visit website here!

Literary fiction

The reader is meant to read between the lines with the aim of figuring the message that is being conveyed. The character or narrator rarely summarizes the lesson which explains why the readers or listeners come up with numerous and varied conclusions about the theme. You may also read further at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writer.

Upmarket fiction

It is a combo of the two types of fiction discussed above. It is not a genre but an adjective used with the other categories to create some descriptors such as upmarket contemporary novel as well as upmarket science fiction. The readers should therefore always remember that they cannot find any upmarket category in the modern bookstores since it is only a term used by the authors and agents to classify the market of novels further.


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